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AN.VII.62 Suriya Sutta The Buddha enumerates seven stages in the escatology of the world with the appearance of additional suns: 1. When there is one sun in the sky, rain may not fall for many years, many hundreds of years, many thousands of years, many tens-of-thousands of years -- causing plants and animals living in the forest to become dried out and die; 2. when a second sun appears in the sky, the small rivers and ponds everywhere will evaporate; 3. when the third sun appears in the sky, large rivers will evaporate; 4. when the fourth sun appears in the sky, lakes and reservoirs will eveaporate; 5. when the fifth sun appears in the sky, the oceans will evaporate; 6. when the sixth sun appears in the sky, smoke will start to rise from the surface of the earth, and; 7. when the seventh sun appears in the sky, flames will leap up and consume the earth.
In the same way the Buddha reminds the monks that mental formations [sa"khaara] are not permanent. Even the very long-lived Sunetta was unable to escape the suffering of old-age, sickness and death -- because of not knowing with penetrative insight the four practices of: 1. noble self-discipline [ariya siila]; 2. noble meditation [ariya samaadhi]; 3. noble wisdom [ariya pa~n~naa], and; 4. noble liberation [ariya vimutti].
37/214 Sattaka Nipaata, Unallocated Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.iv.

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