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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
AN.VII.53 Tissa Sutta The Buddha overhears the conversation of two angels who know exactly the degree of mental attainment of some nuns. The next morning the Buddha relates this to the monastic assembly inspiring Mahaa Moggallaana to use his mental powers to see if all angels had such knowledge and therefore he asks the recently deceased monk Tissa who has arisen in the Brahma-world about the types of angels who have such knowledge. Tissa replies that the types of angels who possess such knowledge are those who have attained liberation by various methods of liberation: 1. ubhatobhaagavimutti; 2. pa~n~naavimutti; 3. kaayasakkhii; 4. di.t.thipatta; 5. saddhaavimutti, and; 6. dhammaanusaarii. Tissa says that angels still attached to their angelic life, beauty, power and grandeur do not have the knowledge to verify those enlightened by those methods but those who are unattached do. Moggallaana relates his finding to the Buddha who mentions a seventh type of enlightenment Tissa has admitted, i.e.: 7. saddhaanusaarii. 37/167 Sattaka Nipaata, Unallocated Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.iv.

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