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AN.VII.44 Dutiya Aggi Sutta Uggatasariira Brahmin prepares a huge sacrifice and asks for the Buddha's advice on the matter. Three times he told the Buddha that he had heard that the laying down [aadhaana] of the fire an the setting up [ussaapana] of the sacrificial post bore great fruit. Three times the Buddha agreed that it was so, and Uggatasariira was about to conclude that the Buddha approved of his sacrifice, when Aananda intervened and suggested that the Buddha should be asked to explain his meaning and to give his advice as to the efficacy of the sacrifice. The Buddha thereupon declared that even before sacrifice the sacrificer has set up three swords against himself by his intention to slay: the sword of evil deeds, the sword of evil speech and the sword of evil thought -- by thinking to make merit he creates demerit. There are seven types of fire. The first three types are to be shunned: 1. the fire of grasping [raaga]; 2. the fire of hatred [dosa]; 3. the fire of ignorance [moha]. The following three types of fire should be venerated and will bring happiness: (4) the fire of those worthy of veneration [ahuneyyaggi] (representing one's parents); (5) the fire of the well-practising householder [gahapataggi] (representing one's wife, children, servants and retainers) and (6) the fire of those worthy of offerings [dakkineyyaggi] (representing the holy men and recluses). As for the wood-fire which is the seventh sort of fire, it needs to be kindled, tended, quenched and laid from time to time. Hearing the teaching of the Buddha, Uggatasariira renounces his sacrifice, releases the condemned animals and becomes a lay follower of the Buddha from that day forth. 37/113 Sattaka Nipaata, Pa.thamapa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.iv.041, AA.ii.714

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