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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
AN.IV.191 Sotaanugata Sutta The four fruits of memorizing the Dhamma are as follows:
When dying, one will be reborn in the company of devas . . .
1. reciting those verses of Dhamma;
2. where one deva with mastery of mind [ceto-vasippatto] is teaching Dhamma to the company of devas, reminding one of one's monkhood in a former life;
3. where one deva is teaching the Dhamma, and;
where a fellow angel who has arisen before us enquires as to our previous existence.
All of these ways of re-encountering the Dhamma we have memorized in a previous existence although the memory will come back to us slowly, will allow us to attain supreme attainments without delay.
35/470 Catukanipaata Catuttha Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.ii.

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