Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Cuu.lapu.n.naama Majjhima Uparipa.n.naasa, Devadaha Vagga MN.110 M.iii.020ff. 22/135 personality, appearances How it is possible to tell a bad man and a good man by their conduct. How to recognize -- and become -- a person of integrity.
Also enumerated are the eight qualities of a good man (sappurisadhamma): 1. to be endowed with the seven virtues [1.1 faith (saddhaa); 1.2 shame of evil (hiri); 1.3 fear of the consequences of evil (ottappa); 1.4 learnedness (bahuusuuta); 1.5 to be of stirred up energy; 1.6 mindfulness (sati), and; 1.7 wisdom (pa~n~naa)] (saddhamma samannaagato); 2. to consort with good men (sappurisabhattii); 3. to think as do good men (sappurisacintii); 4. to consult as do good men (sappurisamantii); 5. to speak as do good men (sappurisavaaco); 6. to act as do good men (sappurisakammanto); 7. to have the views of good men (sappurisadi.t.thii), and; 8. to give (gifts) as do good men (sappurisadaana.m deti) at M.iii.023.

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