Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Saamagaama Majjhima Uparipa.n.naasa, Devadaha Vagga MN.104 M.ii.243-51 22/077 agreement, disagreement, reconciliation, arbitration Buddha asks whether there is are any differences between the community of monks regarding the Buddha’s teaching. Ananda says that there is none, but after the Buddha’s death differences may arise. The Buddha says that quarrels regarding the rigours of regimen of of the Vinayas are of little concern. It is quarrels regarding the Path or the course of training that are really important. He then explains the six causes from which disputes grow, the four adjudications (adhikarana) regarding disputes and seven settlements of adjudication, by giving a summary verdict in the presence of the parties, a verdict of innocence, of past insanity, cofession may be admitted, a chapter’s decision may be taken, there is also specific wickedness and there is covering up. There are six things that lead to reconciliation: acting with loving kindness, speaking with loving kindness, sharing equally whatever gifts one receives, strict practice of virtue without flaw or blemish and the holding of noble views which make for salvation.

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