Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Ca"nkii Majjhima Majjhimapa.n.naasa, Braahmana Vagga MN.095 M.ii.164ff. 21/340 arrogance, teacher, selection Canki visits the Buddha with a large company of brahmins and finds Him conversing with some eminent and aged brahmins. A young brahmin Kapathika frequently interupts the conversation and is rebuked by the Buddha. Canki tells the Buddha that the youth is a very clever scholar and obtains for him a chance to question the Buddha. The Buddha declares that the brahmin pretensions to possess the sole truth are in vain, and goes on to explain how a man can come to have faith in truth, then gain enlightenment with regard to it, and finally attain the truth itself by means of practice and development. The Buddha describes the criteria for choosing a reliable teacher and how best to learn from such a person. At the end of the discourse, Kapathika declares himself a follower of the Buddha.

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