Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Mahaasakuludaayi | Mahaasakuludaayii Majjhima Majjhimapa.n.naasa, Paribbaajaka Vagga MN.077 M.ii.001-22 20/549 frugality, austerity, qualities of the Buddha. Sakuludayi assumes that the Buddha has many disciples merely because the Buddha eats sparingly, is content with any garment, accepts any alms, is satisfied with any lodging, lives in seclusion and counsels others to do likewise. The Buddha responds that if his esteem depends on these qualities, he has many disciples more austere than himself, who don’t share the same esteem. He goes on to give another five qualities that earn him higher esteem: higher virtues; keen vision, super-eminent intellect, teaching the Noble Truths to his disciples, and ; teaching the way to the Foundations of Mindfulness. He says he has also taught the sammappadhana, the four iddhipadas, the five indriyas, the five balas, the seven bojjhangas, the Noble Eightfold Path, the eight Deliverances, the eight abhibhayatanas, the ten kasinayatanas, the four jhanas and the six abhiññas. It is for these reasons that his disciples esteem him.

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