Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Sandaka Majjhima Majjhimapa.n.naasa, Paribbaajaka Vagga MN.076 M.i.513-24 20/513 teachers, False View Ananda speaks of the four antitheses to the higher life: 1. the teacher who holds that it does not matter whether actions are good or bad; 2. the teacher who holds that no evil is done by him who acts himself or causes others to act; 3. the teacher that holds that there is no cause for either depravity or purity; 4. the teacher who holds that suffering is escaped only when men have completed the course of transmigrations, like a ball of twine which continues rolling as long as there is string to unwind. Ananda then proceeds to explain the four comfortless vocations: 1. the teacher who claims to be all-knowing and all-seeing; 2. the teacher whose doctrine is traditional and scriptural; 3. the rationalist of pure reason and criticism teaching a doctrine of his own invention; 4. the teacher who is stupid and deficient. Ananda then describes the Buddha’s teaching leading up to the four jhanas. Sandaka and his followers accept the Buddha as their teacher.

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