Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Maaga.n.diya | Maagandiya Majjhima Majjhimapa.n.naasa, Paribbaajaka Vagga MN.075 M.i.501-13 20/486 repression, asceticism, restraint of the senses, maintainence of health The Buddha denies that his teaching is repressionist (bhunahu) saying that he teaches only a subjugation of the senses, knowing their origin and their cessation; he has discarded all craving after them and dwells with his heart in peace. He then relates how in his youth he has enjoyed luxury and subsequently renounced it. He could now no longer crave them than a leper cured of his disease craves for his old sores. Both the Buddha and teachers of other persuasions are convinced that health is the greatest boon and Nirvana the highest bliss. But the Buddha’s concept of health and Nirvana differs from other teachers. Their knowledge is as that of a blind man taken on trust. Magandiya listens and is convinced. He enters the order and becomes an arahant.

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