Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Kukkurovaada | Kukkuravatika Majjhima Majjhimapa.n.naasa, Gahapati Vagga MN.057 M.i.387ff. 20/186 kamma The future rebirth of those who are sworn to behave like an ox or like a dog is to be born in hell or as respectively as one of those animals. He then proceeds to decribe the four types of kamma: 1. black kamma with bad retribution; 2. white kamma with good retribution; 3. black and white kamma with both good and bad retribution; 4. neither black or white kamma which has no retribution and leads to liberation. Both Punna and Seniya take refuge in the Buddha and Seniya later goes on to become an arahant. The Buddha also enumerates the three channels of formations (sa"nkhaara): 1. bodily formations (kaayasa"nkhaara); 2. verbal formations (vaciisa"nkhaara), and; 3. mental formations (cittasa"nkhaara) at M.i.390.

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