Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Paasaraasi | Ariyapariyesanaa Majjhima Muulapa.n.naasa, Opamma Vagga MN.026 M.i.160-75 18/410 quest There are two sorts of quest in the world: the noble and the ignoble. He described how He too before enlightenment had followed the quest, apprenticing Himself to various teachers, such as Alavakalama and Uddaka Ramaputta and how on discovering that they could not give him what He sought, he went to Uruvela and there found the consummate power of Nirvana. The Sutta then proceeds to give an account of the Buddha’s first reluctance to preach, of Sahampati’s intervention, of the meeting with Ajivaka Upaka and the first sermon preached to the Pañcavaggiyas. Finally the sutta expounds the pleasures of the senses, the dangers therefrom and the freedom and confidence which ensue when one has overcome desire. In the commentary, the sutta is called ‘Pasarasi’ evidently because of the simile found at the end of the discourse where the pleasure of the senses is compared to a baited trap.

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