Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Madhupi.n.dika Majjhima Muulapa.n.naasa, Siihanaada Vagga MN.018 M.i.108ff. 18/195
Dandapani meets the Buddha at the Mahavana and asks about his tenets. The Buddha explains that He teaches to avoid all Suffering and dwell above the pleasure of the senses. Dandapani shakes his head and walks away. Later in the evening the Buddha visits Nigrodarama and tells the monks there briefly how to get rid of all obsessions, so that all evil and wrong states of mind are quelled and pass away entirely. After the Buddha’s departure, the monks seek Mahakaccana and ask him to expound in detail what the Buddha has told in brief. Kaccana explains that where there is eye and visible form, visual consciousness arises, this begets contact, contact conditions feeling, what a man feels he perceives and what he perceives, he reasons about, and this leads to obsession. It is the same with the other senses. The monks report this explanation to the Buddha who approves it. and praises Kaccana’s erudition. Ananda also praises the discourse, comparing it to a honeyed pill of delicious savour and the Buddha suggests accordingly that the sutta should be remembered by the name Madhupindika.

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