Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Sammaadi.t.thi Majjhima Muulapa.n.naasa, Muulapariyaaya Vagga MN.009 M.i.046-55 17/521 right view, developing right view, four noble truths, decay, death, birth, existence, attachment, craving, feeling, contact, senses, name-and-form, consciousness, sankharas, ignorance, defilements, origins, cessation What is Right View? It is the comprehension of right and wrong and other sources. The monk who as it understands sustenance, its origin, and cessation and the way thereto. Also suffering, its origin, cessation and the way thereto; decay and death, birth, existence, attachment, craving , feeling, contact, the six sense spheres, name-and-form, consciousness, ignorance, the defilements, the origin of these, their cessation and the way thereto. Saariputta also enumerates the three channels of formations (sa"nkhaara): 1. bodily formations (kaayasa"nkhaara); 2. verbal formations (vaciisa"nkhaara), and; 3. mental formations (cittasa"nkhaara) at M.i.054.
Also enumerated are the four forms of nourishment (aahaara): 1. physical food ("nkaaraahaara); 2. contact (phassaahaara); 3. mental volition (manosa~ncetanaahaara), and; 4. consciousness (vi~n~naa.naahaara) at M.i.048.

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