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Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Sallekha Majjhima Muulapa.n.naasa, Muulapariyaaya Vagga MN.008 M.i.040ff. 17/469
It is by the right comprehension of the fact that there is no ‘mine’, ‘self’ or ‘I’. He goes on to explain how false views can be expunged by meditation, how the will may be developed and how emancipation can be found. Also enumerated are the four absorptions (jhaana): 1. the first absorption (pa.thama-jhaana); 2. the second absorption (dutiya-jhaana); 3. the third absorption (tatiya-jhaana), and; 4. the fourth absorption (catuttha-jhaana) at M.i.040.
Also enumerated are the ten states of rightness (sammatta): 1. Right View (sammaadi.t.thi); 2. Right Thought (sammaasa"nkappa); 3. Right Speech (sammaavaacaa); 4. Right Action (sammaakammanta); 5. Right Livelihood (sammaa-aajiiva); 6. Right Effort (sammavaayaama); 7. Right Mindfulness (sammaasati); 8. Right Concentration (sammaasamaadhi); 9. Right Knowledge (, and; 10. Right Liberation (sammaavimutti) at M.i.042.
Also enumerated are the ten states of wrongness (micchatta): 1. Wrong View (micchaadi.t.thi); 2. Wrong Thought (micchaasa"nkappa); 3. Wrong Speech (micchaavaacaa); 4. Wrong Action (micchaakammanta); 5. Wrong Livelihood (micchaa-aajiiva); 6. Wrong Effort (micchaavaayaama); 7. Wrong Mindfulness (micchaasati); 8. Wrong Concentration (micchaasamaadhi); 9. Wrong Knowledge (, and; 10. Wrong Liberation (micchaavimutti) at M.i.042.

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