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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.542 Kha.n.dahaala Jaataka | Candakumaara Jaataka Khandahala was the chaplain of King Ekaraja of Pupphavati. The chaplain took bribes and the king’s son Candakumara (the Bodhisatva), having been told of this, once righted a wrong decision, thereby winning the applause of the people. The king appointed him judge and Khandahala vowed vengeance. Later the king, having dreamed of heaven, asked Khandahala, how he could earn rebirth there. The chaplain replied that heaven could be attained by performing sacrifices of the king’s most treasured possessions, his queens, sons, merchant princes etc.. Khandahala hoped that by such advice he could bring about the death of Candakumara. Ekaraja accepted the suggestion and made all the preparations for the sacrifice. Several times the king wavered in his resolve when confronted by his parents, Canda, his wives and public opinion -- however, Khandahala goaded him on. At the moment when the sword was about to smite Candakumara’s neck, Candaa, the daughter of the Pa~ncala king, made an act of truth and Sakka interceded brandishing a thunderbolt. Canda was saved. The people seized Khandahala and killed him -- they were going to kill the king too, but Sakka interceded. The king was instead banished from the city, and Candakumara, annointed king, provided for all his needs. Khandahala was identified with Devadatta and Candaa with Rahulamata 64/123 Jaataka Khuddhaka corruption

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