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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.522 Sarabha"nga Jaataka The bodhisatva was once born as the son of the chaplain of the king of Benares. He was called Jotipala because on the day of his birth, there was a blaze of all kinds of arms for a distance of twelve leagues around Benares. After having been educated in Takkasila, he returned to royal service in the court of the king of Benares, earning 1,000 per day. When the kingís attendants grumbled, the king ordered Jotipala to give an exhibition of his skill. Jotipala exhibited miracles of archery skill and the king promised to declare him commander-in-chief the following morning. In the night, however, he felt revulsion for the household life and departed unannounced for a hermitage at Godhavari. When parents and king visited him, he converted them to the ascetic life. Jotipalaís (thenceforth known as Sarabhanga) pupils numbered thousands and representatives were sent to different provinces. When Kisavaccha (an ascetic) was mistreated by King Dandaki of Kumbhavati, Kisavaccha was brought to die at Godhavari. At his funeral, celestial flowers fell in a shower for a space of half a league round the pyre. Sixty leagues of Dandakiís kingdom were destroyed, together with the king as the result of the outrage and other kings gathered at Godhavari in order to learn what retribution awaited others who committed similar outrages. Three other kings became ascetics under Sarabhanga as the result of his teaching. The story is told in reference to the death of Moggallana. It is said that after Moggallana had been attacked by brigands and left for dead, he recovered consciousness and flying to the Buddha, obtained his consent to die. At his funeral, celestial flowers also rained down for one league around the funeral pyre. 61/578 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.v.125ff. renunciation, royal conduct

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