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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.515 Sambhava Jaataka Dhana~njaya Koravya, king of Indapatta asks a question of his chaplain Sucirata on ‘dhammayaaga’ (the service of truth). Sucirata confesses ignorance, and declares that none but Vidhura, chaplain of the king of Benares could find the answer. At once the king sent him to Benares with an escort, a present and a gold plaque on which the answer was to be written. Sucirata visits other sages on the way, and finally Vidhura, who had been his school-mate. When the question is asked, Vidhura refers it to his son Bhadrakaara, who, however is busy with an intrigue with a woman and cannot give attention to the matter. He sends Sucirata to his younger brother Sa~njaya, but he is also occupied. Eventually he is sent to Sambhava (the bodhisatva) -- a boy of seven. Sucirata finds him playing in the street, but when he is asked the question, he answers it with all the fluent mastery of a Buddha. All Benares, including the king, hears the answer and stays to listen. Sambhava is paid great honour and receives many presents. Sucirata notes the answer on the golden plaque and brings it to Dhana~njaya. The story is related in reference to the Buddha’s great wisdom. Dhana~njaya is identified with Ananda, Sucirata with Anuruddha, Vidhura with Kassapa, Bhadrakara with Moggallana and Sa~njaya with Sariputta. 61/409 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.v.057ff. wisdom

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