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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.489 Suruci Jaataka Suruci came to the throne of Mithila, and was married to Sumedhaa, daughter of the king of Benares on the condition that Sumedhaa be his only wife. Sumedhaa lived in the palace for 10,000 years but had no child, and although the people clamoured for an heir, Suruci refused to take any other queen. Sumedhaa herself obtained 16,000 women for the king’s harem and 40,000 years thus passed, still without a child being born. Sumedhaa thus made and Act of Truth and Sakka pursueded the reluctant god Na.lakaara to be born as Suruci’s son, Mahaapanaada. When he was sixteen a grand festival was organized by the king for his son’s amusement. The festival went on for seven years before the son could be made to smile. The Jataka was related on the occasion that the Buddha granted Visaakhaa eight boons. One night there was a great storm and the Buddha asked the monks to drench themselves in the rain as that would be the last such rain-storm of his time. Together with them the Buddha appeared at Visaakhaa’s home but as soon as they arrived, they were all completely dry. Bhaddhaji is identified with Mahaapanaada, Visaakhaa with Sumedhaa and the bodhisatva was Sakka. 60/421 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iv.314ff. childlessness, glumness

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