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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.479 Kaali"ngabodhi Jaataka The Kalinga king of Dantapura had two sons, Maha Kalinga and Culla Kalinga. Soothsayers foretold that the younger would be an ascetic but his son would be a universal Monarch. Knowing of the prophecy, Culla Kalinga became so arrogant that Maha Kalinga, acceding to the throne, ordered his arrest. Culla Kalinga fled and became an ascetic in the Himavanta Forest. Near his hermitage lived the king and queen of Madda who had fled with their daughter from the city of Sagala. Soothsayers predicted that the princesses’s son would be a universal Monarch and all the kings of the Jambudipa sought her hand. Her parents, not wishing to incur the enmity of any of the kings, fled with her from the city. One day a wreath of mango-flowers which the princess dropped into the river was picked up by Culla Kalinga who thereupon went in search of her. With his parents consent, he married her and a son was born whom they called Kalinga. When the stars revealed that Maha Kalinga had died, Kalinga was sent to Dantapura, to a courtier who had been an ally of Culla Kalinga. The prince’s identity having duly been established, he was crowned king and his chaplain, Kalinga-bharadvaja taught him the duties of a universal Monarch. On the fifteenth day, the omens of universal Monarchhood. Later making a journey through the air with his retinue, he found a bodhi tree where Buddhas attain enlightenment. The elephant would go no further, so learning from his chaplain the virtues of a Buddha, he paid great honour to the tree for seven days. The story is told in reference to a bodhi tree planted at the entrance to Jetavana by Anathapindika for people to venerate in the Buddha’s absence. 60/264 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iv.228ff. prediction

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