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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.461 Dasaratha Jaataka Dasaratha, king of Benares, had three children: Ramapandita, Lakkhana and Sita. On the death of his queen, he took another and by her had another son Bharata. He was so pleased that he granted the queen a boon. When Bharata was seven years old, the mother claimed the throne for her son. Dasaratha fearing for the safety of his original children, banished them to the forest for twelve years, telling them to return after their fatherís death. In the forest, Rama lived the ascetic life while Lakkhana and Sita provided him with food. Dasaratha died after nine years and when the ministers refused to recognize Bharata as king, he went to the forest in search of Rama. Rama, however, refused to return until three more years had elapsed, and as Bharata refused to take the throne, he sent his straw slippers to be placed on the throne in his absence. When cases were heard in front of the the throne, if the decision taken was wrong, the slippers would beat together. If the decision correct, they would be silent. After three years, Rama returned to the palace and reigned for 16,000 years with Sita as his consort. Dasaratha was Suddhodana, Bharata was Ananda, Lakkhana was Sariputta, Sita was Rahulamata and Rama the Bodhisatva. The story was related to a man of Savatthi who greatly grieved at his fatherís death and neglected all his duties. 60/072 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iv.123ff. justice

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