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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.449 Ma.t.taku.n.dali Jaataka There was once a miserly brahmin called Adinnapubbaka who had a son called Mattakundali. He made a set of burnished ear-rings (mattakundali) for his son in ordered to save the goldsmithís fee. At the age of sixteen, the son protracted jaundice -- but the father tried to cure the son himself, unwilling to pay a doctor. Eventually the sonsí illness became too serious to cure. He carried his dying son out onto the balcony, laying him there, lest those coming to visit his son should see the wealth he had inside the house. The Out of compassion, theBuddha came to the house as the boy lay dying. The sight of the Buddha roused the boy to faith as he died and the son was reborn among the gods with a golden mansion thirty leagues in extent. When surveying his past life, he saw his father in the charnel ground lamenting his death. Mattakundali appeared to his father in his original form and when questioned by Adinnapubbaka, censured his father for his stinginess and persuaded his father to give up his grief. The story was told in reference to a rich landowner of Savatthi, a devout follower of the Buddha, who lost his son. The Buddha knowing of his great grief, visited him in the company of Ananda and preached to him. At the conclusion of the sermon, the landowner became a sotapanna. see also DhA.i.020ff., Vv.vii.9, VvA.322ff., Pv.ii.5, PvA.92ff. 59/903 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iv.059ff. faith

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