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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.442 Sa"nkha Jaataka | Sa" Jaataka The bodhisatva was once born in Molininagara (Benares) as a very rich brahmin named Sankha. He spent 6,000 daily on almsgiving. He had a ship built, equipped and prepared to sail for Suvannabhumi. A paccekabuddha, seeing him with the divine eye, and foreseeing danger in store for him, appeared before him on the way to the seaport. Sankha paid him all honour and presented him with his shoes and umbrella. Sankhaís ship sprung a leak on the seventh day. Taking with him one companion, he dived overboard and swum in the direction of Molini. He swam thus for seven days until Manimekhala, seeing his plight, came to his rescue and offered him food. However, he refused the food as he was keeping the fast. The goddess told him that his purity in worshipping the paccekabuddha hadbeen the cause of her coming to his aid and provided him with a ship full of treasure and he returned safely to Molini with his attendant. The story was related by way of thanks to a pious layman of Savatthi who having entertained the Buddha and his monks for seven days, presented shoes to the Buddha and to the members of his Order. Ananda is identified with Sankhaís attendant and Uppalavanna with Manimekhala.See also Mahaajanaka Jaataka (J.539). 59/799 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iv.015ff. offering shoes

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