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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.424 Aaditta Jaataka | Sucira Jaataka | Soviira Jaataka Once the bodhisatva was born as Bharata, King of Roruva, in the country of Sovira. He was very righteous and much beloved, and his chief queen, Samuddavijaya was wise and full of knowledge. The king wishing to give alms to Pacceka Buddhas instead of to less-well accomplished monks, consulted the queen, and acting on her advice, made a proclamation to his people that they should keep the precepts. He himself observed all holy days and gave great gifts in charity. One day he offered flowers to the eastern quarter and making obeisance, wished that any paccekabuddha in that quarter might come to accept alms. His wish not being fulfilled, he repeated on the following days, the same ceremony to the other quarters till, on the fourth day, seven paccekabuddhas came to him from the North where they lived in Nandamulapabbhara. The king and the queen offered them food for seven days and gave them requisites. The paccekabuddhas departed one-by-one, each expressing his thanks in a stanza and exhorting the king and queen to lead pure lives. The story was related in reference to Pasenadiís asadisadana, to show that wise men of old also gave gifts to holy men with discretion. This is evidently the story referred to as the Sucira Jaataka in the introduction to the Dasabrahmana Jaataka (J.495) and again as the Soviira Jaataka in the introduction of the Sivi Jaataka (J.499). 59/571 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iii.469ff. alms giving, pure recipient

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