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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.376 Aavaariya Jaataka | Avaariya Jaataka Once the Bodhisatva was born an ascetic who inhabited the royal park of the king of Benares. The ascetic taught righteousness to the king who wished to reward the ascetic with the gift of revenue from a village. The ascetic declined the gift. For 12 years the ascetic lived in the park, but later, desiring a change, became a wanderer. One day he came to the bank of the Ganges where there lived a foolish ferryman by the name of Avariyapita. He took the Bodhisatva across the river, on the latterÝs promise to tell him how to increase his wealth, welfare and virtue. On reaching the other side, the Bodhisatva advised the ferryman on the desirability of getting his fare before crossing if he wished to increase his wealth. He then proceeded to recite the same teachings he had recited to the king daily for twelve years. Incensed by the feeling that he had been cheated, the ferryman started to strike the ascetic. His wife coming along with his food, tried to stop him -- but being hit herself, miscarried and spilt the food. The ferryman was brought before the king and punished. Good advice is wasted on fools, like fine gold on beasts. The story is told regarding a foolish ferryman of Aciravati. When a certain monk came to him one evening to be taken across the river, the ferryman was annoyed and steered so badly that he wet the monkÝs robes and delayed him. The two ferrymen were the same. 59/001 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.iii.228ff. fools

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