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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.279 Satapatta Jaataka A landowner of Benares had lent 1,000 to someone and had died before recovering it. His wife, lying on her deathbed, asked her son to get it for her while she was still alive. This he did, but while away his mother died. Because of her great love for him, the mother was born as a jackal who tried to prevent the son from entering a wood haunted by a gang of robbers led by the bodhisatva. However, the son didnít understand the jackalís intention and drove her away. A crane, flying overhead, cried out to the robbers announcing the sonís approach, but he, taking the crane as a lucky portent, saluted it. The bodhisatva heard both sounds and when his gang captured the man, he told him that he did not know how to distinguish between friend and foe and sent him off with a warning. The Jataka was told with reference to the Chabbaggiyas, Pandu and Lohitaka. They questioned the Buddhaís teachings on certain points and encouraged others to do the same, the result being trouble and strife. The Buddha sent for them and told them that this was a foolish policy -- they did not know what was good for them. 58/226 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.ii.387ff. discerning benefit

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