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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.272 Vyaggha Jaataka | Byaggha Jaataka The bodhisatva was once a tree-sprite and lived near another tree-sprite. No one dared to enter the forest to collect firewood fearing a lion and a tiger who roamed about there. One day the second tree-sprite assumed a terrifying form and not heeding the bodhisatva’s advice, frightened away the lion and the tiger. The people, able to enter the forest at will, began to cut down the trees. The foolish tree-sprite then tried in vain to bring the lion and the tiger back. The Jataka is told in reference to Kokalika’s attempt to bring Sariputta and Moggallana back after having insulted them. Kokalika is identified with the foolish sprite, Sariputta with the lion and Moggallana with the tiger. 58/167 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.ii.356ff. thorough thinking

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