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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.041 Losaka Jaataka In the time of Kassapa Buddha, there lived a monk who was maintained by a rich man of the district. One day a wandering arahant visited the temple too, and was invited by the supporter to stay. The original monk became jealous of the new rival and told the supporter that the newcomer was lazy and good for nothing. Instead of giving the new monk some food sent by the supporter for the original monk he secretly threw it in the fire. The arahant, knowing that prolonging his stay would only add to the evil of his fellow monk, left and went elsewhere. The monk was seized with remorse andwas born in hell. For five hundred successive births he was a yakkha with never enough to eat, for another five hundred births he was a dog. He was finally born as Mittavindaka in a poor family in Kasi. Because of him, dire misfortune befell the family and he was outcast. In Benares, he became a charity scholar under the bodhisatva, who was a teacher there, but he was so quarrelsome that again he was outcast. He married a poor woman and had two children. For a while he was a teacher, but the village where he lived earned the kingís displeasure seven times, their houses caught fire and the water dried up. Having discovered the cause, Mittavindaka and his family were banished. In a haunted forest, Mittavindakaís wife and children were eaten up by demons. In his wanderings, Mittavindaka came to the coastal village of Gambhira where he took service on a ship. However, on the seventh day of the voyage, the ship suddenly stopped sailing mid-ocean. In search for the jinx, lots cast fell on Mittavindaka seven times, so they put him on a raft and lowered him overboard. He was cast ashore on an island inhabited by four vimana-petas in palaces of crystal, and he enjoyed happiness with them for seven days. From there he went to an island inhabited by eight goddesses in palaces of silver and from there to another where there were sixteen in palaces of jewels and from there to another where there were thirty-two in palaces of gold. In each he stayed for seven days. From the last he went to an island of ogres. There he seized an ogress wandering about in the form of a goat, but she kicked him from one side of the ocean to the other and he landed in a dry moat in Benares. There goatherds were keeping watch for thieves, and when Mittavindaka seized a goat, hoping to be kicked back to his original place, he was caught. As he was being led away, the Bodhisatva saw and recognized him and persuaded the goatherds to allow him to take on Mittavindaka as his slave. The Jataka was told in reference to Losaka-Tissa who ordained as a monk but whose food always disappeared from his bowl as a result of his past evil and who had to be helped by Sariputta. Losaka-Tissa is identified with Mittavindaka. 56/001 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.i.234ff. jealousy

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