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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.025 Tittha Jaataka The bodhisatva was once the advisor of the king of Benares. One day, another horse was washed in the place reserved for the kingís state charger, who, when taken there to bathe, refused to enter. The bodhisatva, divining the reason, directed that the horse should be taken elsewhere, and not always bathed in the same spot, adding that a man will tire even of the daintiest food, if it never be changed. The bodhisatva was amply rewarded for his skill in reading the horseís thoughts. The story was told in reference to a monk, the disciple of Sariputta. He had been a goldsmith, and in the meditation on impurity, prescribed for him by Sariputta, proved impossible for him. He was taken to see the Buddha, who asked him to gaze at a lotus in a pond nearby. The monk saw the lotus fade and, developing insight, became an arahant. he marvelled at the Buddhaís power of reading thoughts and temperaments of others. The monk is identified with the state charger and Ananda with the king. 55/293 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.i.182ff. observation, personality, meditation

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