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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords
J.006 Devadhamma Jaataka Once the Bodhisatva was born as Mahimsasa, son of the king of Benares. His brother was Canda and his stepbrother Suriya. Suriyaís mother, having being granted a boon, claimed the kingdom for him. Mahimamsa and Canda were thereupon exiled to the forest, but Suriya went with them. They arrived in the Himavanta forest, Mahimamsa sent his two brothers to fetch water from a pool. There, first Suriya and then Canda were seized by a demon who had been allowed by Vessavana to eat anyone entering the pond., provided he did not know the Devadhammas. Mahimsasa then went to the pond, but on being questioned by the demon, preached the Devadhammas to him- i.e. hiri and ottappa. The demon was pleased and offered to release one of his victims. Mahimsasa chose Suriya, and gave as the reason that he was afraid of being blamed by others. Thereupon the demon gave up both his brothers and showed the Bodhisatva great honour. The Bodhisatva converted him and he gave up his evil ways. The story was related in reference to a rich man of Savatthi who joined the order after his wifeís death. However, he continued to enjoy all kinds of luxuries until, arraigned before the Buddha, he pulled off his robes and stood only in his waist-cloth. The Buddha told him it was not the first time he had had to show him the error of his ways. He was identified with the water-demon, Ananda with Suriya, and Sariputta with Canda. The Nacca Jataka was preached in reference to the same monk. 55/201 Jaataka Khuddhaka J.i.126ff., DhA.iii.074ff. shame

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