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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
It.092 Sutta | Sa"nghaa.ti Sutta Bhikkhus, even though a bhikkhu were to hold on to the hem of my robe and follow close behind me step by step, if he is covetous for objects of desire, strongly passionate, malevolent-minded, corrupt in thought, unmindful, uncomprehending, unconcentrated, of wandering mind and uncontrolled faculties, he is far from me and I from him. What is the reason? That bhikkhu does not see Dhamma. Not seeing Dhamma he does not see me. "Bhikkhus, even though a bhikkhu should live a hundred leagues away, if he is not covetous for objects of desire, not strongly passionate, not malevolent-minded, uncorrupt in thought, with mindfulness established, clearly comprehending, concentrated, of unified mind and controlled faculties, he is close to me and I to him. What is the reason? That bhikkhu sees Dhamma. Seeing Dhamma, he sees me." Though closely following behind, Full of longings and resentment, See how far away he is - The desirous one from the desireless, One unquenched from the quenched, A greedy one from the one without greed. But a wise person who by direct knowledge Has fully understood the Dhamma, Becomes desireless and tranquil Like a calm unruffled lake. See how close he is to him - A desireless one to the desireless, One quenched to the quenched, The greedless one to the one without greed. 45/581 Itivuttaka Khuddhaka It.090 closeness to Buddha

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