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It.083 Pa~ncapubbanimitta Sutta | Cavamaana Sutta Bhikkhus, when a deva is due to pass away from a company of devas, five prognostic signs appear: his flower-garlands wither, his clothes become soiled, sweat is released from his armpits, his bodily radiance fades, and the deva takes no delight in his heavenly throne. The devas, observing the prognostic signs that this deva is due to pass away, encourage him in three things with the words: 'Go from here, friend, to a good bourn. Having gone to a good bourn, gain that which is good to gain. Having gained that which is good to gain, become firmly established in it.'" When this was said, a certain bhikkhu asked the Lord: "Venerable sir, what is reckoned by the devas to be a good bourn? What is reckoned by the devas to be a gain that is good to gain? What is reckoned by the devas to be firmly established?" "It is human existence, bhikkhus, that is reckoned by the devas to be a good bourn. When a human being acquires faith in the Dhamma-and-discipline taught by the Tathagata, this is reckoned by the devas to be a gain that is good to gain. When faith is steadfast in him, firmly rooted, established and strong, not to be destroyed by any recluse or brahmin or deva or mara or brahma or by anyone else in the world, this is reckoned by the devas to be firmly established." When a deva whose life is exhausted Passes away from a deva-company, The devas encourage him In three ways with the words: "Go, friend, to a good bourn, To the fellowship of humans. On becoming human acquire faith Unsurpassed in the true Dhamma. That faith made steadfast, Become rooted and standing firm, Will be unshakable for life In the true Dhamma well proclaimed. Having abandoned misconduct by body, Misconduct by speech as well, Misconduct by mind and whatever else Is reckoned as a fault, Having done much that is good Both by body and by speech, And done good with a mind That is boundless and free from clinging, With that merit as a basis Made abundant by generosity, You should establish other people In the true Dhamma and the holy life." When the devas know that a deva Is about to pass from their midst, Out of compassion they encourage him: "Return here, deva, again and again." 45/501 Itivuttaka Khuddhaka It.076 prognostic signs

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