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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
It.049 Di.t.thigata Sutta | Di.t.thi Sutta Bhikkhus, held by two kinds of views, some devas and men hold back and some overreach; only those with vision see. "And how, bhikkhus, do some hold back? Devas and men enjoy being, delight in being, are satisfied with being. When Dhamma is taught to them for the cessation of being, their minds do not enter into it or acquire confidence in it or settle upon it or become resolved upon it. Thus, bhikkhus, do some hold back. "How, bhikkhus, do some overreach? Now some are troubled, ashamed and disgusted by this very same being and they rejoice in (the idea of) non-being, asserting: 'In as much as this self, good sirs, when the body perishes at death, is annihilated and destroyed and does not exist after death-this is peaceful, this is excellent, this is reality!' Thus, bhikkhus, do some overreach. "How, bhikkhus, do those with vision see? Herein a bhikkhu sees what has come to be as having come to be. Having seen it thus, he practises the course for turning away, for dispassion, for the cessation of what has come to be. Thus, bhikkhus, do those with vision see." Having seen what has come to be As having come to be, Passing beyond what has come to be, They are released in accordance with truth By exhausting the craving for being. When a bhikkhu has fully understood, That which has come to be as such, Free from craving to be this or that, By the extinction of what has come to be He comes no more to renewal of being. 45/330 Itivuttaka Khuddhaka It.043 view

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