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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
It.046 Sikkhaanisa.msa Sutta | Sikkhaa Sutta Bhikkhus, live so as to realise the benefits of the training, the attainment of higher wisdom, the essence of release and the control of mindfulness. Bhikkhus, if you live to realise the benefits of the training . . . one of two fruits is to be expected: final knowledge here and now or, there being some residual defilement, the state of non-returning." One who has completed the training, Incapable of falling away, Attained to the higher wisdom, A seer of the end of birth - That sage bears his final body, And having left behind conceit, He has gone beyond decay, I say. Therefore ever delighting in meditation, Concentrated, with ardent energy, Seeing the end of birth, O! Bhikkhus! Conquer Mara and his host, And go beyond all birth and death. 45/315 Itivuttaka Khuddhaka It.040 training

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