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XXVI:38 The wife who became a bhikkhuni (Dhammadinna)

Once, there was a lay-disciple of the Buddha named Visakha in Rajagaha. After hearing the Buddha's discourse, he attained the third stage of Sainthood and said to his wife, 'Please accept all my property. From today, I'm not going to take part in worldly affairs.' His wife Dhammadinna replied that she would not accept his property and wealth and instead asked for permission to join the Order of bhikkhunis. After becoming a bhikkhuni, she went away from Rajagaha and practised meditation diligently. Within a short time, she attained Arahanthood.

Her husband, hearing that his former wife had returned, went to see her and asked some questions. When he asked her about the first three stages of Sainthood, she answered him, but when he asked her questions on Arahanthood, she said, 'This matter is out of your depth. If you want, you may go and ask the Buddha.' When he posed the same question, the Buddha said, 'She has already answered your question. If you ask me I shall have to give you the same answer.' Saying this, the Buddha confirmed that Dhammadinna had attained Arahanthood.

55/170 Dhammapada & Commentary Khuddhaka J.i.106ff. despair

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