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Academic Sutta Name Notes PSA Plae Vagga Nikaya PTS Keywords

XXII:5 The obstinate bhikkhu

Once, there was a bhikkhu who was feeling remorseful for having unwittingly cut some plants. He confided this to another bhikkhu who replied, 'Cutting plants is a very minor offence*; you only have to confide and confess to another bhikkhu. There is nothing to worry about.' So saying, the second bhikkhu proceeded to uproot some plants with both hands to show that he thought very little of such trivial offences. When the Buddha advised the monk he was reckless and stubborn at first.

At the end of the discourse however, the reckless, obstinate bhikkhu realised the importance of restraint in the life of a bhikkhu and thereafter he strictly observed the Precepts. Later, through practice of Insight Meditation, he attained Arahanthood.

55/170 Dhammapada & Commentary Khuddhaka J.i.106ff. despair

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