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Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Cakkavatti | Cakkavattisiihanaada Diigha Paa.tika Vagga DN.26 D.iii.058ff.,DA.iii.858 15/099 monarch, morality, prosperity, decay, Maitreyya concerns the world conquering monarch, the rise and fall of morality, and the coming of Metteya Buddha.
Also mentioned are the duties of a universal monarch (cakkavatti-vatta): 1. ruling by righteousness (dhammaadhipateyya); 2. allowing no evil-doing (maa adhammakaara); 3. having wealth distributed to the poor (dhanaanuppadaana); 4. to seek counsel from virtuous spiritual mentors (sama.nabraahma.naparipucchaa) at D.iii.061.
Also enumerated are the four categories of blessing or supreme things (vara): 1. long-life (aayu); 2. good complexion (; 3. happiness (sukha); 4. wealth (bhoga), and; 5. strength (bala) at D.iii.077.

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