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Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Mahaagovinda Diigha Mahaa Vagga DN.19 D.ii.220ff. 14/001 8 qualities of the Buddha, brahmavihara, appama~n~na Pancasikha (a heavenly musician) tells that in Tavatimsa heaven the number of angels have been increasing ever since the Buddha had started his dispensation on Earth. Sakka expresses joy and praises the eight qualities of the Buddha. Repeated for the benefit of Sanankumara. How purohita Govinda’s son Jotipala divided Disampati’s kingdom into 7. For his service, Jotipala gets the new name Mahagovinda. In meditation Sanankumara teaches him the brahmaviharas as a way to attain the Brahma world and he teaches this to all his disciples. At death they are all born in the Brahma world.

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