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Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Mahaapadaana Diigha Mahaa Vagga DN.14 D.ii.006ff. 13/001
Some monks express the desire to know of the births of previous Buddhas. The result is the sublime story of the Buddha Gotama and his six predecessors, also the discourse on the Buddha Vipassi, his descent from the Tusita heaven and the commencement of his mission.
The Buddha enumerates the four signs (nimitta) that led to his renunciation: 1. an old man (; 2. a sick man (byaadhita, aabaadhika); 3. a corpse (mata), and; 4. a holy man (pabbajita) at D.ii.022.
The Buddha also enumerates the three exhortations of the Buddha (buddha-ovaada): 1. to refrain from all evil (sabba paapassa akarana.m); 2. to do good (kusalassuupasampadaa), and; 3. to purify the mind (sacittapariyodapana.m) at D.ii.049.

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