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Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Mahaali Diigha Siilakhandha Vagga DN.06 D.i.150ff., DA.i.316 12/093 angelic ear, angelic eye, object of ordaining, arahantship, eightfold path, body, soul Sunakkhatta claims to be able to see heavenly forms but not hear heavenly sounds. Mahali asks how this can be achieved. Buddha replies this is not the objective of ordaining - and leads the question to one of arahantship and the Eightfold Path. The Buddha then deals with the difference between the body and the life force. The Buddha also distinguishes between the four levels of Buddhist sainthood: 1. the stream enterer (sotaapanna); 2. the once-returner (sakadaagaamii); 3. the non-returner (anaagaamii), and; 4. the worthy one (arahanta) at D.i.156.

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