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Sutta Name Nikaya Vagga Academic PTS PSA Plae Keywords Notes
Saama~n~naphala Diigha Siilakhandha Vagga DN.02 D.i.047ff., DA.i.238 11/288
Discourse on the fruits of being a monk. Also included in answer are justification for the foundation of the order, for the enunciation of the Vinaya, and for the practical rules of the order. Also enumerated are the eight forms of supranormal knowledge (vijjaa): 1. insight-knowledge (; 2. mind-made magical power (manomayiddhi); 3. magical powers (iddhividhaa, iddhividhi); 4. divine ear (dibbasota); 5. reading the thoughts of others (; 6. recollection of former lives (pubbenivaasaanussati); 7. divine eye (dibbacakkhu), and; 8. knowledge of purification of all defilements ( at D.i.076-084.

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