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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
A.11_022 Gopaalaka Sutta The eleven characteristics that prevent a cowherd from fulfilling his duty are: 1. not knowing bodily forms; 2. not distinguishing marks; 3. not removing fly eggs; 4. not dressing wounds; 5. not fumigating; 6. not knowing the ford. 7. not knowing whether the herd has had enough to drink; 8. not knowing the correct road; 9. not knowing the pastures; 10. milking the cows' udders dry, and; 11. failing to have respect for bulls, sires and herd leaders.
In the same way, a monk who has the corresponding traits will fail to progress in the Dhamma: 1. not knowing "mahaabhuutaruupa"; 2. not knowing the difference between fools and the wise; 3. allowing obsession with sensuality [kaamavitakka] to fester; 4. not having restraint of the senses; 5. not teaching what one knows to others; 6. visiting the learned but not extracting knowledge; 7. not extracting the meaning of the learning in spirit and in letter; 8. not knowing the noble eightfold path; 9. not knowing the four foundations of mindfulness; 10. not knowing moderation in the use of the four requisites, and; 11. not showing the appropriate respect to senior bhikkhus and elder bhikkhus. However, those monks who have the opposite qualities can successfully cultivate, increase and mature in the Dhammavinaya.
38/590 Ekaadasaka Nipaata A"nguttara A.i.

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