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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
A.10_201 Thirty Dhamma Sutta The following practices are not fit for consumption: 1. killing (paa.naatipaataa); 2. persuading others to kill; 3. approving killing; 4. stealing (adinnaadaanaa); 5. persuading others to steal; 6. approving of stealing; 7. committing adultery (kaamesumicchaacaaraa); 8. persuading others to commit adultery; 9. approving of adultery; 10. telling lies (musaavaadaa); 11. persuading others to tell lies; 12. approving of telling lies; 13. malicious gossip (pisu.naayavaacaaya); 14. persuading others to gossip maliciously; 15. approving of malicious gossip; 16. harsh speech (pharusaayavaacaaya); 17. persuading others to speak harshly; 18. approving of harsh speech; 19. idle chatter (samphappalaapaa); 20. persuading others to chatter idly; 21. approving of harsh speech; 22. covetousness (abhijjhaa); 23.. persuading others to covet; 24. approving of covetousness; 25. illwill (byaapada); 26. persuading others to bear illwill; 27. approving of illwill; 28. false view (micchaadi.t.thi); 29. persuading others to have false view, and; 30. approving of false view.
However, the following practices are fit for consumption: 1. abstention from killing (paa.naatipaataa verama.nii); 2. persuading others to abstain from killing; 3. approving of abstention from killing; 4. abstention from stealing (adinnaadaanaa verama.nii); 5. persuading others to abstain from stealing; 6. approval of abstention from stealing; 7. abstention from adultery (kaamesumicchaacaaraa verama.nii); 8. persuading others to abstain from adultery; 9. approval of abstention from adultery; 10. abstention from telling lies (musaavaadaa verama.nii); 11. persuading others to abstain from telling lies; 12. approval of abstention from telling lies; 13. abstention from malicious gossip (pisu.naayavaacaaya verama.nii); 14. persuading others to abstain from malicious gossip; 15. approval of abstention from malicious gossip; 16. abstention from harsh speech (pharusaayavaacaaya verama.nii); 17. persuading others to abstain from harsh speech; 18. approval of abstention from harsh speech; 19. abstention from idle chatter (samphappalaapaa verama.nii); 20. persuading others to abstain from idle chatter; 21. approval of abstention from idle chatter; 22. non-covetousness (anabhijjhaa); 23. persuading others to abstain from covetousness; 24. approval of abstention from covetousness; 25. non-illwill (abyaapada); 26. persuading others to abstain from illwill; 27. approval of abstention from illwill; 28. right view (sammaadi.t.thi); 29. persuading others to be established in right view, and; 30. approval of right view.
38/491 Dasaka Nipaata, Pa~ncama Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.i.

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