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A.10_073 I.t.tha Sutta Accumulation of the following ten rare but desirable endowments, namely 1. weath [bhogasampati]; 2. beauty []; 3. freedom from illness; 4. self-discipline [siila]; 5. brahmafaring [brahmacariya]; 6. friendship [mitta]; 7. having heard much [suta]; 8. wisdom [pa~n~naa]; 9. dhamma teachings, and; 10. various heavenly worlds.
Accumulating these endowments have (respectively) the following obstacles: 1. sloth and non-exertion; 2. lack of finery and adornment; 3. acting unreasonably; 4. friendship with the wicked; 5. non-restraint of sense-faculties; 6. quarrelling and twisting the truth; 7. failure to memorize and repeat teachings heard; 8. not listening attentively and asking questions; 9. lack of striving and reflection; 10. wrong practice [miccha pa.tipati].
However the following factors (respectively) enhance the accumulation of those endowments: 1. energy and exertion; 2. finery and adornment; 3. seasonable actions; 4. friendship with the wise; 5. restraint of sense-faculties; 6. not quarrelling or twisting the truth; 7. memorizing and repeating teachings heard; 8. listening attentively and asking questions; 9. striving and reflection; 10. right practice [miccha pa.tipati].
38/232 Dasaka Nipaata, Dutiya Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.i.

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