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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
A.10_071 Aaka"nkha Sutta The monk who wishes: 1. to be endearing, likeable, respected and praised by fellow monks; 2. obtain the Four Requisites; 3. that his sponsors get the full merit from their donations; 4. their piety to be remembered by relatives and supporters both alive and dead; 5. to be content with requisites received; 6. endure physical hardships; 7. overcome likes and dislikes; 8. overcome fear and dread; 9. attain the Four Absorptions, and; 10. banish the defilements attaining liberation of seeing and knowing -- should train himself in self-discipline, be given to inner peace of mind, never be distant from the absorptions, be given to insight and resort to solitudinous places. 38/223 Dasaka Nipaata, Dutiya Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.i.

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