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A.10_055 Parihaana Sutta Monks should know the state of their own mind. Monks who don't listen to teaching they should be listening to, forget or let become clouded the teachings they once knew, neglect their previous mental attainments or who have no idea of the gaps in their knowledge will fall away from the Dhamma. Monks who will increase in the Dhamma are those who listen to teachings never before heard, protect the teachings they already know from falling into neglect, maintaining previous mental attainments and knowing perfectly well the gaps in their own knowledge. If still not able to read the minds of others, they should ask themselves whether they have freed their mind of the following ten defilements: 1. abhijjha; 2. illwill (byapada); 3. sloth and torpor (thinamiddha); 4. absent mindedness; 5. doubt; 6. anger; 7. sraomong; 8. garn prarop an reng kla; 9. laziness, and; 10. lack of concentration.
Each time he should ask himself whether this trait can be seen in himself of not, whether his thoughts are soiled or not, whether he is a winner of peace in his own heart and whether he is a winner of higher insight and insight into Dhamma. If in any case he finds the answer is in the negative, he must put in extra effort as if his turban or clothes are on fire -- but if he finds that they are present, he should firmly establish them and further destroy the remaining defilements.
38/181 Dasaka Nipaata, Dutiya Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.i.

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