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AN.VII. Ahuneyya Vagga The following sorts of persons are worthy of respect: 1. arahants; 2. arahants who have come to an end of defilements and have passed away at the same time; 3. non-returners who attain parinibbaana within the first half their life-span [antaraparinibbaayii]; 4. non-returners who attain parinibbaana after the first half of their life-span [upahaccaparinibbaayii]; 5. non-returners who attain parinibbaana without exertion [asa"nkhaara parinibbaayii]; 6. non-returners who attain parinibbaana with exertion [sasa"nkhaara parinibbaayii], and; 7. non-returners who go upstream bound for the higher realms [uddha.m sota akani.t.thagaamii].
To be such a person comes from penetrative insight into (6 x 11 =) 66 elements of existence, that is 1. the inner senses [ajjhattikaayatana]; 2. the outer senses [baahiraayatana]; 3. consciousness []; 4. contact [samphassa]; 5. feeling [vedanaa]; 6.perception [sa~n~naa]; 7. volitions [sa~ncetana]; 8. craving [ta.nhaa]; 9. thought conception [vitakka]; 10. discursive thought [vicaara], and 11. the Five Aggregates [khanda] -- for each of the six sense channels.
Those worthy ones see: 1. the impermanence; 2. the suffering; 3. the lack of self; 4. the destruction; 5. the deterioration; 6. the relinquishing of craving; 7. the extinction, and; 8. the letting go of -- for each of the 66 elements and channels of the senses.
37/287 Sattaka Nipaata, Unallocated Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.iv.

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