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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
AN.VII.69 Sunetta Anusaasanii Sutta In the past there have been various teachers whose teaching has led disciples of faith to enter upon heaven: 1. Sunetta; 2. Muugapakkha; 3. Aranemi; 4. Kuddaala; 5. Hatthipaala; 6. Jotipaala, and; 7. Araka. For anyone to discredit or speak ill of such teachers would certainly be wicked -- but to discredit those of attainment (by straightening of view e.g. steam-enterer or higher) especially monks, is even more wicked. 37/271 Sattaka Nipaata, Unallocated Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.iv. discrediting the virtuous

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