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Academic Sutta NameNotes PSA PlaeVaggaNikayaPTSKeywords
AN.VII.56 Kimmila Sutta The Buddha enumerates the reasons why the Saddhamma is not long-lived after the Parinibbaana of the Buddha because monks, bhikkhunis, laymen and laywomen lack respect for: 1. Buddha; 2. Dhamma; 3. Sa"ngha; 4. Training; 5. Meditation; 6. Recklessness, and; 7. Hospitality.
However, if the monks, bhikkhuniis, laymen and laywomen do have respect for these seven things, the Sadhamma will be longlived.
37/181 Sattaka Nipaata, Unallocated Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.iv.

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