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AN.IV.261k Peyyaala Vagga There are a total of seventeen defilements which need to be understood: 1. grasping [raaga]; 2. hatred [dosa]; 3. ignorance [moha]; 4. anger [kodha]; 5. spite [upanaaha]; 6. depreciation of others [makkha]; 7. rivalry [pa.lasa]; 8. jealousy [issaa]; 9. stinginess [macchariya]; 10. deceit [maayaa]; 11. hypocrisy [saatheyya]; 12. obstinacy [thambha]; 13. contention [saarambha]; 14. conceit [maana]; 15. contempt [atimaana]; 16. vanity [mada], and; 17. recklessness [pamaada].
For each of these defilements, monks should practice for: ultimate knowledge; 2. knowledge; 3. destruction; 4. relinquishing; 5. destroying; 6. deterioration; 7. release from; 8. extinction; 9. letting go of; 10. releasing of -- which may be effected via the practice of any of the following groups of four practices:
A. Practice of the four foundations of mindfulness [satipa.t.thaana]:
1. mindfulness of the body in the body;
2. mindfulness of the feeling in the feeling;
3. mindfulness of the mind in the mind, and;
4. mindfulness of the dhamma in the dhamma.
B. Practice of the four forms of right exertion [sammappadhaana]:
1. effort to prevent the arising of unskilful states you have never had [sa.mvara-padhaana];
2. effort to abandon unskilful states that have already arisen [pahaana-padhaana];
3. the effort to develop skilful states that have not yet arisen [bhavana-padhaana], and;
4. the effort to maintain skilful states that have already arisen [anurakkhanaa-padhaana].
C. Practice of the Four Bases of Success:
1. willingness [chanda];
2. initial application [viriya];
3. continuous application [citta], and;
4. review [viima.msa].
This makes a total of 510 suttas in this final vagga.
35/633a Catukanipaata Unallocated Pa.n.naasaka A"nguttara A.ii.

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